Serving The Arizona, California, New Mexico & Nevada Mining & Civil Construction Industry

Bar T Equipment Service is a world class mine maintenance, steel fabricator, civil construction equipment maintenance and repair company. Since 1996 we have provided heavy equipment welding, fabrication and maintenance services to the largest mines and civil construction companies in the Western United States. 

  • Our crews are made up of highly skilled, quality conscience individuals.  The equipment utilized in applying our craft is modern and reliable.  Multiple manufacturer's representatives serve as consultants in providing us with quality and service in the work we perform.  We have developed significant expertise to make sure your job is done right the first time every time. Our goals are guaged by on time and on budget performance minimizing your down time and lost revenues.    
  • We have moved to a state of the art maintenance and repair facility in Phoenix, Arizona that will allow us to have our business administration as well as all of our business units  in one multi acre facility.  This move will allow us to have multiple shops for fabrication, manufacturing, repair, vehicle fleet maintenance (including a full D.O.T. inspection and repair center) and component manufacturing.  From full service trucks in the field to full service shop capabilities, we are positioned to serve customers well.
  • Our fundamental goal is to keep your operations running smoothly at all times and to assist you in reaching your business objectives.   Please contact us to discuss how we can serve your needs in greater detail and how we can best serve your organization.

Bar T Equipment Services, Inc.

2646 S. 19th Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona  85009